Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about nexizon

nexizon integrates your existing security cameras in your business in just a few minutes, without the need for external hardware. Thanks to our artificial intelligence platform, the detection of any visible situation (including the special requests of the enterprise) is delivered to the business managers via mobile as instant warning and reporting.
We are compatible with 95% of all cameras produced!
If your internet infrastructure is suitable, you can start using your camera information within 2 minutes by entering our system. Our technical team will contact you to solve these problems in a short time if you do not have your internet firewall and current static IP address and your port forwarding settings have not been made to your business before.
Our company is Turkey’s information is the sector in an innovative position with the responsibility given to being on Personal Data Protection Law and sensitivity necessary to ensure full compliance with other regulations for the implementation of this law shows the highest level, move the reflection of the subject as well as taking into account the impact on society.
nexizon sends notifications to the responsible people via mobile application in case of urgent intervention. You can access your results obtained with artificial intelligence through our mobile application.
Labeling of your images, creation of artificial intelligence models, integration into the system and our
You can start using our developed systems (except the special requests of the businesses) with 1 month free usage right. We have two types of pricing policies, subscription and contracted. Contact us for information on fees!
You can cancel your subscription at any time with a single click through our web application.