Yalova Group has integrated nexizon systems into its facilities!

Yalova Group started to work with nexizon systems for more efficient and healthy working environments.

Yalova Group; It operates in the Construction, Real Estate, Recycling and Agriculture sectors. It is in the position of rising value with its ever-developing vision, strong corporate structuring, qualified staff, sectoral knowledge and experience, and the projects it has realized and plans to realize. It feels the social responsibility concept at the highest level in the regions where it invests. It carries out many activities in education, sports, culture and art, especially for the better future of our youth.
Yalova Group follows the requirements of the age, rapidly changing technology and digital transformation trends in the globalizing world in all of its projects. At this point, Yalova Group, whose paths crossed with nexizon, entered the process of integrating artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies into its existing facilities. Reminding once again that it is one of the most innovative companies in its sector by starting to use the image processing technologies of nexizon in its facilities, Yalova Group is taking firm steps towards the world of the future.
Yalova Group, which makes the existing camera systems in its businesses smart with nexizon; It builds high-quality living spaces designed for both today and the future by using construction equipment tracking, facility efficiency tracking, stock control and occupational safety tracking systems. The cooperation of Yalova Group and nexizon can be briefly described as “Together, always newer, always better…” in the words of Mr. Orbay Tuna, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yalova Group.