SitePlus is now smarter with nexizon!

Turkey's solution plus SitePlus added value to its cameras with nexizon.

Technological developments have been advancing rapidly in the security and facility management sectors, as in the world. Keeping up with digital transformation has become a necessity for companies. In order to keep up with the digital transformation and to meet the demands of its customers with the latest technology, Siteplus cooperated with nexizon to increase its service quality.

Siteplus, with the value it attaches to its employees within the framework of universal principles for 25 years, the information and technology investments that it constantly updates, the principle of choosing "staff according to the job, not the job according to the personnel"; offers the right solution to your needs with the same meticulousness and speed in every part of Turkey.

It operates in different sectors such as integrated facilities, construction sites, energy projects, offices and sites belonging to national and international organizations, hospitals, educational institutions and shopping centers with its professional management services. Institutional cleaning, private security, alarm monitoring and notification, catering, industrial laundry, catering, landscaping and garden maintenance, pest control, disinfection and spraying, technical maintenance and repair are the areas where service is provided. Thanks to Siteplus, you can get fast and safe results in the execution, follow-up and control stages of all these services you need.

Siteplus, which easily integrates Nexizon's computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions into its systems, has made security cameras smart without making any changes or additions to existing security camera systems. Even 10-year-old cameras in security camera systems have now been made smart thanks to nexizon. These systems can now provide area control with nexizon technology and instantly intervene in unwanted situations.

Siteplus and nexizon cooperation aim to bring a new breath to the sector with its wide solution scale. Even business-specific problems that are not included in the existing solutions are offered solutions and demos are developed within 1 month. If you are looking for a fast and effective solution in your business, your paths will definitely cross with Turkey's solution plus Siteplus and nexizon.