Neftline preferred nexizon for worker productivity and workplace security solutions.

Neftline is now smarter with nexizon.

Neftline Recycling is one of the leading companies in packaging recycling processes with its dynamic structure and claim to be one of the fastest solution producing companies in the sector.
Neftline, which collects the decreasing, reusable packaging wastes of Turkey and the world, aims to help recycling and carries out necessary activities for the development of environmental awareness, offers recycling-oriented products and services by using the advantages of environmentally friendly advanced technology in accordance with international waste management standards.
Neftline, which wants to take productivity monitoring to the next level in the recycling sector, started to use nexizon's solutions. Neftline plans to ease the workload by using nexizon solutions for employee safety, production efficiency and facility safety.
Nexizon's existing solutions developed specifically for Neftline were integrated into the facility. About the process, facility manager Okan Korkmaz said, “The nexizon team came to the facility and did an exploration work and integrated it into the existing cameras in a short time. During the process, they kept in constant communication and produced point solutions to our problems, not temporary. We are discussing new projects with the nexizon team, and when these projects are completed, projects that compete with world trends will be produced in Turkey in the recycling industry. I would like to thank the nexizon team for their devoted work and interest.” expressed his satisfaction with nexizon solutions.