Interwiev - CyberSpot Magazine 22nd Issue

nexizon started operations at Bilkent CYBERPARK in November 2020. Our brand, first investment immediately after its establishment , made a rapid entry into the sector. The company producing innovative products on artifical intelligence and image processing with deep learning algoritims and offer their customers SaaS solutions in this field. Our brand serving customers from different sectors; produces products in many areas from quality control to occupational safety, from personnel productivity analysis to process monitoring.

As the nexizon brand, instead of selling ready-made products, we tell our customers which processes they can improve with image processing technologies specific to their businesses. So far, we have produced solutions especially for closed working areas, and we have seen that the demands we collect from our customers are generally similar to each other in this process. Therefore, the development times of these products are getting shorter and shorter for each new customer. In addition, opportunities provided by our systems infrastructure and because of we are a SaaS service, we design constantly evolving models. We offer the products we have developed to our customers on different platforms such as web, mobile and API.

One of the most important features that makes our brand different from its competitors; It is the development of products that can be integrated with existing security camera systems of enterprises without the need for any hardware infrastructure changes. In this way, we provide a great advantage in terms of continuous improvement of the products offered to customers, the possibility of remote installation and maintenance, and the absence of installation costs.

In the continuation of the project, we aim for an artificial intelligence web platform where businesses can easily start using them by entering certain parameters of their cameras and choosing the artificial intelligence model they want. In order to achieve this goal, we plan to primarily offer products to different sectors and thus expand our service range.

For detailed information about our ongoing projects or to be a part of our R&D team, you can contact us at