Detecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Using AI

We have left 2020 behind, and some of us have already forget some of the memories we have accumulated this year. The number 2020 has a meaning for us, of course, but what does the number 2427 mean to you? This number is the number of people who lost their lives due to work accidents in 2020. According to one of the studies, 98% of the accidents in workplaces occur because the correct equipment is not used. .

Preventing the increase of accidents as a result of improper use of protective equipment is of great importance for sectors such as construction, manufacturing, logistics and health. To give a closer example, the use of masks has become mandatory in many places due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The correct use of masks is very important in order not to interrupt the work in the health sector and other sectors. Even the use of masks is of great importance in the fight against COVID-19. .

Most work accidents can be prevented by using the right equipment. So how will it be checked whether people are using the right equipment? Supervision can be left to a human responsibility, but this can bring along problems due to human error. A moment of inattention can create many problems. So how can equipment control be done with minimum error? This problem can be minimized by using computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques. .

Inspections using artificial intelligence and computer vision are both less costly and less likely to error than human-powered inspections. You can think about how inspections using new generation technologies will be less costly than inspections made by manpower. You may think that there will be a huge hardware cost for businesses to be audited with artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. .

It is possible to control businesses with artificial intelligence and computer technologies without requiring hardware security camera systems used by most businesses to avoid situations such as theft are sufficient to audit through artificial intelligence. By using artificial intelligence and computer vision with existing security camera systems, businesses can be inspected with 99% accuracy in a short time.